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Make Virtual Monitoring Work for You: How eSource Helps Sponsors Monitor Virtually During COVID-19

Sponsored by Clinical Research IO


Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020  |  11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EDT
Location: Your office or conference room (no need to travel!)


Have your clinical trials slowed — or stopped — due to COVID-19? There’s a way to move them forward, one that will also reduce data errors, streamline regulatory workflows and accelerate timelines so you can bring products to market faster. And best of all, many sites already have the solution in place.

When your sites capture source data electronically, sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) can perform remote monitoring and gain same-day access to source data, while minimizing travel and saving on source document verification (SDV) costs.

Selecting sites that employ eSource with virtual monitoring built-in have the added benefits of minimizing your training and onboarding costs and improving site relations by collaborating on their chosen technology. Past case studies have demonstrated a 70% reduction in monitor findings when sites use eSource with real-time edit checks.
Even more, these eSource systems can communicate directly with electronic data capture (EDC), eliminating data entry burden on sites and source data verification burden on sponsors and CROs.

In this free training, Raymond Nomizu and Gail Hinkson will discuss the rise of site-based eSource technologies you can use to your advantage. They’ll share a case study in which one such site-based eSource solution was employed on a multi-site trial.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • Earn significant benefits by using eSource for remote monitoring

  • Leverage the growing use of site-centric eSource technology among research sites

  • Measure cost savings and quantify benefits with real-time data access

Sponsors and CROs that use site-based technologies for virtual monitoring can ensure business continuity, while saving time and money. Will you be one of them? Join us by registering today.

Who Will Benefit:

  • Directors of clinical operations
  • Clinical trial sponsors
  • Clinical research organizations
Meet Your Presenters:


Raymond Nomizu

Co-Founder and CEO
Clinical Research IO

Raymond Nomizu is co-founder and CEO of Clinical Research IO (CRIO), a leading eSource, eRegulatory and CTMS provider for clinical research sites. Since 2016, CRIO has transformed hundreds of research sites from paper charts to electronic source. Prior to co-founding CRIO, Mr. Nomizu owned and operated a clinical research site. He is also a Harvard-trained lawyer and former management consultant.


Gail Hinkson

Pinnacle Clinical Research

Gail Hinkson is CEO of Pinnacle Clinical Research, a large liver-focused clinical research site in San Antonio, and Vice President at Summit Clinical Research, a global network of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) sites. Ms. Hinkson has over 20 years’ experience in clinical research, on both the clinical side and sponsor side of studies. She has managed a variety of programs, including investigator-initiated protocols, federal grants and pharmaceutical and device clinical trials in multiple therapeutic areas.