Five Telltale Signs You’re Ready for
an Electronic TMF System

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Thursday, April 15, 2021   |  11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EDT
Location: Your office or conference room (no need to travel!)

Every clinical trial requires a Trial Master File (TMF) but the way this information is compiled and stored varies. You can choose to collect details on paper, in shared drives or on software systems specifically developed for this purpose — known as eTMF systems. Choosing the last option will give your team an immediate solution to many of the administrative complexities of a trial, from document creation and review to participant communication.

While an eTMF system isn’t for every study, understanding whether it fits with yours can help ensure your trial runs effectively and efficiently.

Have there been changes to your TMF or an increase in your team’s studies? Is your team struggling to track TMF information in spreadsheets and folders? Are you being impacted by increasing and shifting regulations? Has remote monitoring altered the way you run your trials?

This free webinar on April 15 can help you determine whether an eTMF system is the right choice for your team. Through expert advice and tips, you’ll gain insights into how to best manage your trial information, considering your team’s readiness, budget and goals.

Key Webinar Takeaways:

  • The Five Signs of eTMF Readiness
  • eTMF Features and Functions
  • Predictors of eTMF Success
  • The Time and Money Savings from an eTMF
  • Building Support for an eTMF Initiative

Clinical trials are always complex, but an eTMF can make the administrative tasks around it less so. Through standard templates, quicker start-up practices, consistent processes and clear trial documentation, you’ll be able to move your trial forward with fewer hiccups and greater success.

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Who Will Benefit:

  • Small and mid-sized biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies conducting clinical trials
  • CRO staff
    Clinical operations leadership
  • Clinical research leadership
  • Clinical research associates
Meet Your Instructor:



Ken Lownie
Head of Operations, North America
Agatha, Inc.

Ken Lownie is the Head of North American Operations for Agatha, a strategic software solutions provider to the healthcare and life sciences industry. He has years of experience working with life sciences companies and understands the unique challenges these groups face. Mr. Lownie has worked with companies considering an eTMF application and recognizes the various drivers and concerns that come with the change, along with the features and functions of a modern eTMF system.