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The World of Post-COVID-19 Clinical Trials: How to Prepare for What’s Coming Next

A Free CenterWatch and FDAnews Webinar  |  Sponsored by Egnyte


Thursday, May 6, 2021  |  1:30 PM-2:30 PM EDT
Location: Your office or conference room (no need to travel!)

Think COVID-19 is almost over in terms of its impact to your clinical trials? Wait until you encounter the post-pandemic hurdles of site capacity, recruiting, study design and much more.

This free webinar is your chance to adjust now, thwart the coming challenges… and thrive.

Example: The backlog in clinical trials will cause a bottleneck in sites as the paused studies run into the new studies trying to work their way through phases. What can you do?

Example: Some studies will have to modify their design to accommodate limited site resources and others will try novel designs to go around bottlenecks. But all will come with a learning curve. How can you minimize this?

Example: As things open up, people are going to be making up for lost time. It will be more difficult to recruit trial participants. What’s your best course of action?

James Allgood, product marketing at Egnyte for Life Sciences, will share the changes and inevitable difficulties you can anticipate. He’ll explain what’s coming, identify the constraints and power shifts within the biotechnology industry.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • What clinical trials will look like after the safety restrictions are lifted
  • Which trends will not survive (but should!)
  • Who will call the shots when trials restart

Clinical trials are forever changed. Here’s what you must do now to adapt to a post-COVID-19 world. Join us by registering today for this free webinar.

Who Will Benefit:

  • Data Management Professionals
  • Informatics Professionals
  • Quality Professionals (Quality Assurance, Quality Control, etc.)
  • Clinical Professionals
  • Regulatory Professionals
  • Manufacturing Professionals
  • IT Professionals
  • Medical Professionals (at Biotechs and Start-ups)
  • Pharmacodynamics Professionals, Pharmacovigilance Professionals, Pharmacokinetics Professionals, etc.
  • Analytical or Analysis Professionals, Data Management Professionals and Biostatistics Directors or Vice Presidents
  • C-Suite Professionals (smaller companies)
  • Compliance/Governance Professionals
Meet Your Presenter:



James Allgood
Product Marketing
Egnyte for Life Sciences

James Allgood, product marketing at Egnyte for Life Sciences, has more than 20 years of experience within heavily regulated industries including pharmaceuticals, food and finance. He pushes the boundaries of new technologies by introducing them into the life sciences to improve quality and lower costs. Mr. Allgood earned his bachelor of science degree in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Arizona and his MBA from Holy Names University.