Omnichannel Engagement:
You Digitally Ready?

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Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022 |  11:00 AM-12:00 PM EDT
Location: Your office or conference room (no need to travel!)

How would you like to create a seamless integrated customer experience that transforms your business strategy? 

Omnichannel engagement is being embraced by life science leaders because it enables the synchronization of multichannel messaging with high-quality, real-time, real-world data (RWD) to generate meaningful customer journeys.  

This free webinar will dive into what impact data strategy alignment can represent and how digital maturity awareness can help life science companies get a jump start.  

Leveraging the collective insights of your RWD will ensure a highly personalized customer-centric experience. How?  With advanced artificial intelligence (AI) analytics, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) delivering the actionable real-world evidence within it. 

And omnichannel transformative tools drive organizational improvements by integrating the disparate data that exist across legacy systems, business functions, and communication channels. This supports business efficiencies and cross-collaboration. 

And you don’t need the technological expertise you may think! With the right digital solution, you can easily engage across channels and mine your data for usable “gold” that leads to meaningful omnichannel engagement. 

SoftServe’s Steve LoSardo, vice president of Life Science Solutions and Consulting, and Georgi Bilyukov, director of Digital Experience Platforms, will share how to determine the right digital solution for your organization, with guidance on successful integration.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • Why leveraging structured data through omnichannel is a best practice — and how to transform your unstructured data
  • Why breaking down silos and disparate systems can accelerate omnichannel success by increasing internal alignment and awareness to harmonize the digital experience platform (DXP)
  • How using AI, ML, and NLP can enhance the RWD insights you need for your brand
  • How segmentation targeting through synchronized channels with personalized engagement can increase market access, brand loyalty, and drive ROI
  • How to attain your brand’s roadmap milestones using highly configurable composable components to speed time to market — while lowering costs and risk
  • How an ideation workshop will show where your brand stands on digital maturity and how you can easily reach your goals with the right DXP
  • Explore digital solutions for seamless RWD integration, personal and non-personal promotion, customer attributes, and content consumption patterns
  • Gain insight into segmentation, channel performance, ROI, and predictive outcomes to facilitate strong planning and results

Register today to learn why life science companies are embracing omnichannel strategy through digital transformation. We look forward to seeing you!

Who Will Benefit:

  • Vice president/director of digital innovation
  • Vice president/director of marketing
  • Chief innovation officer
  • Vice president/director of market access
  • Vice president/director of healthcare provider and/or patient experience
Meet Your PresenterS:


Steve LoSardo
Vice President, Life Science Solutions and Consulting

Steve LoSardo is the vice president of Life Science Solutions and consulting at SoftServe. He’s a dynamic leader and visionary with more than 25 years of experience providing information technology solutions to consumers, life science, and healthcare companies. Steve focuses on working with clients to deliver innovative digital solutions based on web, mobile, voice, IoT, big data, AI/ML, and cloud technologies in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and payer spaces.

Georgi Bilyukov

Georgi Bilyukov
Director, Digital Experience Platforms, Centers of Excellence

Georgi Bilyukov, SoftServe’s director of Digital Experience Platforms, manages a team of digital strategists, platform consultants, architects, and developers. He has more than 12 years of industry experience combining roles in leadership, technical areas, sales, and consulting. Georgi has been working with digital platforms for the last 10 years, leading customer-focused solutions in healthcare and other verticals. He actively participates in the DXP community and has achieved different awards through the years.